VIRGINIA CHAPTER - Fall Conference

Date: October 24, 2019

Location: 2501 Monument Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

The IIBEC Virginia Chapter is hosting a Fall Conference on October 24, 2019 .The event will include 5 fascinating seminars that are sure to get your brain engaged! Attendance at all 5 seminars is worth a total of 6 (six) hours of Continuing Education. Additional information regarding the event and registration can be found on the event flyer located at the link below:

IIBEC Virginia Chapter - Fall Conference Flyer

Masonry Restoration 
Roy Ingraffia, International  Masonry Institute
This presentation will take a look at building failure mechanisms, building intervention strategies, existing condition assessment, masonry restoration examples (mortar replacement, lintel repair, flashing), and restoration/retrofit ideas for existing mass building envelopes
Can a Poor Air Seal Cause Roof Failure? 
Tim Mills, TAM Consultants
This presentation is a case study of a building that experienced complete roof failure within five years of installation. This presentation will go over the forensic evaluation methodology and the review the defects in the design and construction of other building components that contributed to the total system failure.

Advanced Waterproofing Solutions with a PUMA System
Todd Skopic, Henry Company
This presentation will describe overcoming waterproofing challenges by utilizing a liquid-applied PUMA system. PUMA is a cold fluid-applied waterproofing system with quick-curing technology providing long-term stability, permanent UV exposure, resistance to impact, scratches, punctures and slip resistance. PUMA technical advances allow for waterproofing certainty where sheet-applied membranes are difficult to install due to complex design and construction requirements. Through this step-by-step presentation, you will understand how PUMA may solve common installation obstacles and how to properly specify a PUMA system to suite project specific needs. 
Various Roofing Systems’ Performance in Withstanding Impacts From Large Hailstones from 2009 & 2013 Case Studies 
Chris Dawkins, IIBEC Region II Director
The presentation discusses the physics of hailstones and a few prior industry studies regarding hailstones impacts to roofing, followed by a 2009 Case Study/Investigation of 20+ various age asphalt shingle roofs all in the same area (Rome, GA) that were exposed to about 1.25" to 1.5" diameter hailstones; followed by a 2013 Case Study/regarding several investigations of about 120 predominantly commercial roofs all in the same general area (Jackson, MS) that were exposed to about 2.5" to 3" diameter hailstones.  
Building Envelope Commissioning 
Keith Nelson, ECS Mid-Atlantic 
While commissioning of many building systems has been around for many years, Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is relatively newer to the design and construction industries. This presentation will provide a primer on the practice of BECx and its benefits with real world case studies and then dive further into the various approaches as defined by industry standards and code.